Sidsel & Lasse

Founded in 2009 by Sidsel and Lasse, covers the interests and adventures of a young, Aarhus-based couple. The blog is an aesthetic reflection of our life and the things we surround ourselves with. In the blog posts you will find a laid-back Scandi-approach to fashion, inspiring travel guides and a love affair with our hometown Aarhus. We try to convey most of our experiences through photography and film – developing our skills in that department is also an on-going hobby of ours. Over the past years, the blog has grown from a fun side project to a professional platform, and in this context we have done various design collabs, commissioned travel guides and lots of cool and rewarding brand campaigns. Our main goal is to produce content that reflects our personalities and means something to someone. Come take a peek – we would love to get to know you.

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